Glasgow Welcomes

Glasgow tourism service initiative

It’s the people who work in Glasgow’s vibrant tourism, leisure, retail and hospitality sector who are key to the city’s future as a world-class visitor destination. From school leavers and frontline teams to business leaders and managers, the potential exists for a more talented workforce to deliver outstanding levels of customer service excellence. The Glasgow Welcomes initiative aims to help businesses and teams deliver the ‘wow’ factor to customers through training and development opportunities for all levels.

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Glasgow Welcomes

Service excellence programme

The Glasgow Welcomes: Service Excellence programme has been developed in partnership with local tourism businesses to enhance the experience of all visitors to Glasgow and create a city acclaimed for its high level of service excellence.

Workshops are available for frontline, supervisory and manager level staff, including an option for in-house trainers. A NEW two-hour online module is now available. Whether you are a business or an individual, you can benefit from courses and events at subsidised rates.

Glasgow Welcomes is an Official Legacy Project for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The city’s businesses and frontline staff had a major part to play in the success of the Games ensuring visitors enjoyed a warm Glasgow welcome. Now you can get ready for the major events and conferences being hosted in the city in 2016 with the Glasgow Welcomes: Service Excellence programme.

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How to have Fun@Work

The Autumn 2016 GW Champions event welcomed Gavin Oattes, of motivational and training company Tree of Knowledge. In his inimitable style, Gavin delivered the keynote presentation on Fun@Work, which focused on leadership skills, creativity, innovation and mindset in the workplace. Gavin revealed – and entertained – with the story of his career progression from teacher training, to working as a primary school teacher, to joining Tree of Knowledge …

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Kelvin Hall welcomes Champions’ Autumn event

There was an air of nostalgia – as well as a bright outlook – at this Autumn’s event for the Glasgow Welcomes’ Champions, a networking group for the city’s leading tourism businesses. As Craig Martin, Head of HR at Glasgow Airport and Chair of the Glasgow Welcomes Initiative, welcomed the delegates to the newly refurbished Kelvin Hall he reminisced about playing football there during his student days in the city’s west end. He said: “It’s an impr …

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Good-to-know facts about Glasgow 2018

Kirsten Tuttle, senior marketing & communications manager, and Jill Elborn, event services manager, offered an informative presentation at the recent GW Champions’ event on the forthcoming Glasgow 2018 European Championships. The Championships will provide an exciting opportunity for tourism and hospitality businesses in Glasgow to capitalise on a huge influx of visitors, both athletes and audiences, from August 1 to 12. Like the Glasgow 2014 Com …

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